How to Prune your trees the Finest way?

If you want your tree to grow very strong and have an attractive and neat look, it is highly recommended that you regularly prune them. With pruning, you can give it a distinctive shape, remove damaged branches and allow for new growth. Mainly, for any trimming task, you have to decide on what needs to be pruned and then carry out the tree trimming with no damage.

Use Clean Equipment

Look at the main three pieces of equipment you will need for the job. In understanding your equipment and preparing to clean it, take a moment and look at your hand pruner or lopper saw closely. Open and close the device and see how the device works. Clean the blade of the device after each use, with alcohol.

Choose the Right time of year

Proper time of year depends on the tree or shrub. In general, spring blooming plants should be pruned after they bloom, the year before. Fall blooming plants should be pruned during the winter months.

Prune for shape

Before you prune, decide if you want an informal look for your plant or would you rather prefer a more formal cut. An informal look may only require trimming once a year. A formal look will require a more scheduled, rigorous approach. Formal looking hedges or shrubs that have small or medium sized leaves can have a more uniform with routine ‘shearing’, requiring a monthly cropping during the growing season.

What does one prune from a Tree or Shrub?

Prune out any dead wood, crossing, and rubbing branches. It is actually an act of caring for the plant. Trees and shrubs need proper care to make it perform to their potential. This means that you should use proper pruning techniques. Use the proper device required to complete the job.

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