How Important Thinning Is For Trees?

If you are an owner of woodland you might have heard about Thinning. It is beneficial for forest and one of the most important operations in Forestry. In terms of Agricultural science, it simply means to make room for important and beneficial plants by removing or cutting some others. It does not involve the removal of a plant as a whole but trimming some part of it. It is helpful for agriculture because it does not promote deforestation but allows other important trees to grow as well.

What does thinning a plant mean?

Trees that grow too close in a particular space may often interfere in the growth of others. The process involves removal of some plants from each other to let every plant get a chance of complete growth.  It is a common method to make sure that there is proper spacing between plants everywhere. 

Thinning is different from Pruning. Pruning involves cutting the damaged part of a tree to ensure that the fungi can’t infect the other parts Whereas thinning simply means cutting some extra branches and improving the appearance of a tree.

How is this beneficial to Forestry Work?

  • Removing or cutting some extra branches means that a tree would get sufficient sunlight and nutrition to grow. 
  • Wider tree spacing means that in case of a forest fire, the process will be slower. It helps to keep the fire restricted to a specific area and control the same.
  • It provides a plant more chance to grow by reducing  competition and enhancing its vigour. 
  • A forest with more space is visually more pleasing than a dense one. 
  • It increases the economic gain in Forestry work. 
  • It decreases the intensity of disease and insects. 

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